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PokhraArrived in Pokhara

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3rd November, 2011 - Drive to Pokhara

We continued to be slapped silly by those in charge of the weather. Every plane to Pokhara had flown on Tuesday and we were assured that we would have no problem at all flying to Pokhara. But our Path To Enlightenment includes learning that we must be like a cork on the Waves Of Life and our 8:30 flight was delayed because of fog. By 1PM no flights had gone to Pokhara and we decided the 6 hour drive was our best option to get to Pokhara and finally be set to trek.  Peak Promotions is very amazing -  they have been able to quickly accommodate every issue we have had and soon we were on the road to Pokhara in a van.

at Fistail Lodge in Pokhara
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