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13th November, 2011 - Back to Pokhara

We were woken at 5am today in Jinhu by a mild earthquake, just a quick jolt, and no damage although some of us were getting ready to run out of the room in underwear…. We had breakfast and headed out for the last day of the trek. Most of today's trek followed a very scenic, but misty river valley, passing small terraced farms, small creeks and many waterfalls. We saw many farm animals: water buffalo, little chickens, goats large & small. The path joined an under-construction road that led into more heavily populated areas. When we passed a piece of earth-moving equipment, we
declared the trek to be over. We high-fived each other when we reached where we first started our trek at Nayapul. Hard to believe, 10 days ago we were just beginning this trek! Another hour and a half of driving brought us to a hotel in Pokora.

We said goodbye to our porters, and to our excellent cook / assistant guide Nigma. Kind of sad to see our trek companions leave us. Pemba will fly with us to Kathmandu tomorrow. We all enjoyed returning to heated rooms and had hot showers, before having a lovely dinner with Pemba at the hotel restaurant. There is some talk of seeking out ice-cream at a shop next to the hotel, when we finish this blog today.

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