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08 November, 2008

Lynn Roberts

Today we met Wongchu and Mingmar at 9:30 am and walked to Thamel where we shopped and shopped. Kathy had to leave us then to begin her trip to India. We had lunch at Rumdoodle, a bar and restaurant where all of the tekkers and summiters gather. Summiters sign a big plaque and each year the plaque is set aside so ther is a sort of history of those adventurous men and their brave and skilled Sherpa guides. Each expedition also signs a wooden Yeti footprint – the walls ae densely covered in these and it is great fun to read a few of them the excitement of each group is illustrated. We found the foot that my son, Tim Roberts, had signed when he helped at the base camp during the 2004 expedition to summit Everest. Mingma was given his lunch free as are all summiters. We had a good meal and returned to the hotel. At 6:30 Wongchu and took us to Bhojan Griha, a Nepalese traditional restaurant where we ate a fabulous meal while we watched traditional dances from many of the areas of Nepal. The dancers were beautiful and lively. We went to the hotel tired and happy. Dru had to stay behind because she was feeling sick. Diana left us then and joined the group with whom she is going to Bhutan.


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