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07 November, 2008

Lynn Roberts

Today we got up late, had a leisurely breakfast, packed and checked out of the Hotel Pokhara Grande. Wongchu picked us up and we drove to the lake for lunch . We ate at an “American” restaurant where most of us chose Mexican dishes; I had fajitas Nepali style – quite an experience. Elsie found a comfortable lounge chair where she could watch the alke and the children running paddle boats and rest while the rest of us took a short walk on the nearby streets and did still more shopping. Soon it was time to leave for the airport to return to Kathmandu on Buddha Air. By the time we arrived at the Yak and Yeti most of us were tired and some people felt sick so we went to our rooms and reested. At 6:30 Wongchu picked us all up and took us to his home for a lovely meal. He has a beautiful big home in which about 15 people live – some his immediate family and others Sherpas who help or who he is supporting through school. He took us through a hall lined with photographs, plaques and certificates about his life and career. We ate in a room that had cushioned and carpeted benches and low tables on three sides and an entertainment center and bar on the fourth. We were served drinks and snacks by the staff who had been with us on the trek and began watching videos. We watched more videos while we ate: “Himalaya With Michael Palin,” the IMAX film about the making of a film about the summiting of Mt. Everest and a sort of home movie of Wongchu’s home village and all of the things he has done to improve life there – electricity, water, a school and health clinic as well as a small monastery. –all named for him. For dinner we had “buf” steak with a luscious sauce, spaghetti, a vegetable and tofu dish and another yummy soup of garlic, greens and other good things, all cooked by, Pasang, our wonderful cook for the whole trek. He made a very good, beautifully decorated cake – roses, icing lattice and “Happy Trip – See You again.” Then home and to bed.


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