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March 26, 2015 - Trek to Namche Bazaar

We are walking in the foot steps of the famous climbers that have gone before us not just Sir Edmond Hillary but the many climbers before him and who have come after.

The day started with a several mile hike along the  Dudhkoshi river which was crossed by suspension bridges of one lane with two way traffic of donkeys, mules, Jupkyo, and sherpas  carrying  incredible  loads of supplies both up and down the trail. Tourist season was in full swing as trekkers of many nationalities streamed up and down the trail.
The views were breath taking as massive peaks often rose up behind the close in mountains. Water falls and small old river grain mills were along the trail.

Then, we hit the switch back trail leading up to Namche. Straight up does not describe the climb that took us up from 8,000 feet to over 11,000 in several miles. It was to be kind a slog of one foot in front of the other. Rock steps two feet tall and switch backs.An adventure of 7 to 8 hours.  Often trains of mules crowded us to the side of the trail.  Jupkyo, a cross between and cow and Yak, with horns 3 feet long would take a swing  at one of our group…… but we all made it to Namche looking tired and looking  “rode hard and put up wet” (as we say in Montana) …but the group had other interpretations.

On the way to Namche  I “hooked up with two goats or they did with me” ( as they followed me for some time) which also caused some excitement in our team as I think I was accused of sleeping with goats as a result of my comments. Baaaaaah.

The day ended in good humor but with a tired team crashing early.

trekking in nepal
Manaslu Trekking
trekking in nepal
trekking in nepal
trekking in nepal trekking in nepal
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trekking in nepal
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trekking in nepal


trekking in nepal